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My Ponyplay


What I write here is not meant to be a definitive item on ponyplay, just my observations of the scene. It is also essentially a pony's perspective, since I never have been, nor have the desire to be, a driver.

There are many different aspects to ponyplay, as there are to countless other activities, and I do not think any one can be called the 'correct' one. For instance, I have seen discussions on a ponyplay list where a particular faction insist that a 'real' ponyplayer must try to BECOME the pony - enter 'ponyspace' - and what everybody else does is not valid. To coin a phrase, I think that they are talking a load of bollocks. Provided all players are consenting adults and having fun, they should each be allowed to do their own thing without having to worry about what others may think of them.

There are mainly three types of pony - ponyboys, which includes yours truly of course, ponygirls, and male TVs playing as ponygirls - no reason that female TVs should not play as ponyboys, but I have not heard of it. I mention it because some of the 'ponygirls' would have the world know them as the real thing - I have to say that they can also look pretty convincing as girlies. All OK until they link up with a ruffty-tuffty male who WANTS the real thing, and only finds out he has been duped when the pony is restrained and at his mercy. I think it was Sir Guy that first labelled these ponies geldings as a subtle way of suggesting a male element. It seems to me to be a sensible idea, but a lot of them disagree - one can almost see them throwing their dolly out of the pram insisting that they are ponygirls and it is an insult to call them a gelding. I do not intend to offend them, and have happily trotted around in their company, but I hope they are careful if they set up a 'blind' meeting via the web, for instance. Prospective drivers should also make sure that they know what they are getting, if it is important to them.

From what I have seen at events, and also on several ponyplay lists, most ponies are male. There are also many more ponies than drivers. This means that the chances of a would-be pony finding a 'personal' female driver are pretty slim - a common request seen on the lists - although obviously not impossible. That is where The Other Pony Club is useful, because it can offer the opportunity for single ponies to play without having to find a partner or buy tack first. It also enables them to see if reality matches their expectations - for me it far exceeded them! :-) 

Needless to say, what follows is my way (in bold) - not THE way, just MY way. 

When I play, it is as a human, a slave, that is used as a pony - bondage with a purpose. Any equine actions would have to be 'encouraged' by my trainer.
Many folk have a similar approach, whereby they are a 'slave' and they are used as a pony as one aspect of their overall S/M relationship. Others imagine themselves to actually become a pony, or even be the reincarnation of one - there are even discussions about what breed of pony they are or were. They often try to assume as many equine traits as they can, and may even eat real pony food.

I only play as a two-legged pony, usually as a draught animal, never ridden.
I think that this is very common in Britain and Europe, less so across the Atlantic - they seem to go more for shoulder riding and the occasional four-legged pony. I guess there may be riders over here, but I have not met any yet, either in Britain or in Denmark at the Petweek events, an international gathering of ponyplayers.

I have no desire to switch roles and be a driver/rider.
While I think most folk take either one or other role, there are some who are just as happy as a driver as they are a pony.

My harness is escape-proof and comfortable enough to be worn all day, which I like to do and is very important to me - I need to know that somebody else has to release me. With my hands in the mitts behind my back I cannot remove my bit, un-harness myself from the cart or, if tethered properly, wander off by myself - often I am not, though, and I have some fun undoing the rope with my teeth and trotting off. :-) I am therefore totally dependant on the 'humans' to feed and water me, make sure I do not get cold standing around, and letting me go to the loo, etc.
Some ponies are happy just to wear a collar to signify ownership. Others wear a more complete harness, but are not restrained in any way, and have full use of their hands, which are often used to grasp the shafts of the cart. Then there are those that will put their harness on, go for a quick trot, then take it off again and have a fag, or perhaps drive another pony.

I do not care about the gender, sexual orientation, colour, religion or anything else about my driver/handler/trainer as long as we are both having fun.
I have seen one male pony get very agitated at the thought of being driven by another male, as if he was going to be raped. However, I think most are not too fussed. Those that do state a preference seem more likely to be 'fantasy' ponies, folk that may have read, talked and dreamt about ponyplay but have not actually played yet. I am sure that when they do they will find it is not actually a big deal, unless they are looking for a long term partner. I was once taken for a spin by a TV, who gave me a pat on the backside as 'she' thanked me afterwards, which was a nice touch (no pun intended).

I love spending the night chained up in a stable.
I have done it several times, notably at De Ferre (sadley no more) after completing the assembly of their stable. We had a night-time trot through the woods, got bedded down for the night, then straight up and working in the morning, when the pictures on their web site were taken - brilliant!! Not to everyone's taste, of course, but that is the beauty of ponyplay - variety.


A fantasy yet to be realised is to reach the point when I fancy a break, only to be denied it by my driver/handler - maybe get a smacked bum into the bargain for asking for it if there is a 'no speaking' rule for ponies. This will enhance the feeling of being controlled by another, because although I cannot get my hands free without help, there is always the feeling that I retain some control if I will be released when I ask for it. I would hope that my driver/handler also gets a kick out of really taking control - then we both win. I am still trying to work out why what I want is not to get what I want! :-))

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